Road freight

Nord Est Group has twenty years experience in national and international land and road transport utilising experienced, capable and motivated drivers delivering any type of goods to all countries of the former Soviet Union i.e. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, etc.
 The consolidated experience of Nord Est Group in transportation to these places guarantees a safe and streamlined international procedure and customs formalities, reducing the average time of delivery.
The services allow the maximum flexibility in the management of the transportation ensuring accurancy and timely delivery of the goods.

  • Notification of goods loading, delivery and unloading;
  • Truck plate notification;
  • Monitoring service through a satellite system to control the geographic location;
  • Goods collection, consolidation and packing (goods labelling and packing inspection);
  • Warehousing and delivery;
  • Groupage.

Nord Est Group has vehicles to suit the customer needs:

  • Tent 13.60 Standard;
  • Trucks with refrigerated system having controlled temperature;
  • Trucks ADR;
  • Trucks for rapid transportation of small and urgent lots;
  • Trucks for exceptional and oversize cargo;
  • Trucks for container transport.

Nord Est Group with its highly specialized expertise is a reliable supplier of a full range of services and support for 365 days a year providing fast, safe and traceability of goods.

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